Investment Strategy

Sustainable growth for long-term returns

We make debt and equity placements in businesses which are established
and profitable with the following focus:

  • Sustainable businesses that are focused on upliftment and or empowerment
    with low debt structures
  • Investing in entities with strong NAV’s
  • Current dividend paying entities
  • Entities with positive earnings in the last five year
  • Our ability to secure medium to long-term off-take agreements
  • Develop a mix of cash generative and growth assets

M|M Capital Holdings invests alongside entrepreneurs and company founders who have a passion for their businesses. We have the flexibility to invest in companies at numerous stages of growth, from the idea-phase to companies with $150 million in revenues.

We look for companies where we feel we can deliver resources, relationships and expertise to accelerate their growth. We are not just providing financial capital – we are focused on helping our companies build their businesses, and we are passionate about it.

The businesses we invest in are innovation leaders in their respective industries. They typically move fast, but we are committed to investing for the long-term. This means that we manage risk and introduce trusted sector and business advisors whose knowledge enables us to make considered investments that will attract long-term returns.

Sectoral Focus
We invest responsibly in companies operating in primary and secondary agri, infrastructure, logistics, cleantec and manufacturing.

Partnership Approach

We believe that collaboration delivers results every time. That’s why we partner with entrepreneurs and a vast network of specialists to provide the operational, strategic and financial support that can accelerate growth and maximise returns.

We maintain a tight sector and geographical focus. This ensures that we develop and retain specialist knowledge that informs each investment, while also mitigating risk. In addition, economic, social and corporate governance is a key component in our investment decisions. This allows us to align our investments with our philosophy of responsible investment for long-term sustainable growth.